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If you would like to use as a community resource from your web page, just follow the instructions listed below. You are welcome to make any reasonable modifications to the size and shape of our linking images in order to fit them in with your web scheme.

1) Right mouse click on the banner you want to use. (choice of 5 below)

2) Choose 'Save Picture As...' Then save to a chosen directory in your website making sure that you make a note of where you have saved the image and what you named it. (For example, IMAGE_NAME.gif)

3) When you have selected where you would like our link to appear, copy the code below into your HTML page:

<a href=""><img border="0" src="IMAGE_NAME.gif" ALT="Find-our-community - Free to use directory of local web-sites from every country around the world. It is designed for travelers, tourists and local communities, with links to all major towns and cities (plus regional portals)." align="absmiddle"></a>

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